Step 5 - Integrating Web Check-in Links Into GuestPoint Emails - (GuestPoint)

In this article, you will learn how to find Goki web check-in links & how to embed them into GuestPoint reservation emails.

Find Goki Web Check-in Links

1. In a new browser tab open Goki Dashboard.

2. Click "Settings" in the menu

3. Then Click "Marketplace".

3. Click the blue "Settings" button on the "Goki Check-In" tile.

4. Here you will find a URL that you will use to send the web check-in form to your guests.


webbbb check-in



  • Please, provide a Web Check-in link to GuestPoint Support to add to your reservation emails (IF REQUIRED)
  • Email {Merge} tags should be changed to work with GuestPoint
  • For more information, contact Guest PointSupport.



We highly recommend creating a test booking & making sure the email looks the way you want it & the web check-in link works correctly.


Congratulations, All done. You're kicking goals!