Step 5 - Integrating Web Check-in Links Into Guest Centrix emails - (Guest Centrix)

In this article, you will learn how to find Goki web check-in links & how to embed them into Guest Centrix reservation emails.

Integrating Web Check-in With Guest Centrix Email

1. Select "Settings" on the Goki Dashboard. The 'Settings cog' can be found on the vertical menu ribbon on the left of the page.  

2. Once the settings page reloads select "Marketplace".

3. Now select the blue "Settings" button on the "Goki Check-In" tile.

4.Here you will find a URL that you will use to send the web check-in form to your guests. 


webbbb check-in



  • Please, provide the Web Check-in link to Guest Centrix Support to add to your reservation emails (IF REQUIRED)
  • Email {Merge} tags should be changed to work with Guest Centrix
  • For more information, contact Guest Centrix Support.



We highly recommend creating a test booking & making sure the email looks the way you want it & the web check-in link works correctly.


Congratulations, All done. You're kicking goals!