How to Check-in Guests via the Tablet

In this article, you will learn how to check-in guests via tablet.

Tablet check-in is a simple way to check your guests' in without huge queues next to reception desks!

You can download the tablet check-in app on your property tablet, scan the hostels QR code, and use it for guests check-in.



Tablet Check-in is currently only available on Android devices. 

Tablet Check-in

  1. Guests can Check-in themselves from the Kiosk app available on Google Play

  2. Guests can find their unique QR code in Chief App. Open Chief, select "Settings" and "Generate Login QR Code". 




3. Guests can scan your unique QR code with your tablet or device. Open the tablet, select "Settings" and scan the QR code.

After scanning the QR code with a tablet the guests will be able to check-in by themselves. See Tablet Check-in the process here -




Congratulations, you have learned how to check-in guests via a tablet.