What are Permissions

In this article you will learn about what each Permission has to offer.

What are Permissions

In Goki, each staff can have permissions or be in a group with permissions.

How to Get to Permissions


Select the "Teams" from the left bar menu



  •  View guest profiles, their reservations, and information.
  • View chat conversations, conversation lists, and messages.
  • Ability to chat with guests and reply to chat messages.

Rooms and Common Area Doors  

  • View rooms listing in the property. Usually, you want to give this permission to all staff.
  • Manage rooms: Create, Edit, or Delete rooms. 
  • View admin PIN on the room details screen.
  • Add or remove Smartlock/disc. 
  • Generate manual PIN for Smartlock/disc. 
  • View all locks and open them. This is useful for housekeeping with a combination of time-shift.
  • View Common Area doors.
  • Add, Edit, or Remove Common Areas with Smartlock/disc.


  • View upcoming activities & past listings and attendees. 
  • Add or edit activities.


  • Customize Kanban: Add, Remove, Rename Columns, and Enable bots.
  • Assign tasks to other team members.


  • View staff and group listings.
  • Add or remove staff and change permissions.

Settings and Marketplace

  • Edit profile, settings, and notifications



Congratulations! You now know about the permissions and what every permission means to your staff.