When you create a property on Goki, you need to set up your rooms and beds. This setup with PMS connection and Goki SmartLocks will automate granting access to the rooms.

Create a room

  • Go to Rooms.

  • Type the room name you want to create in the input.

  • Press the create button.


If your PMS does not support rooms, you still need to create rooms on Goki. and within the room, you can create beds to map them to your PMS.

Create beds

  • In the detail of rooms, you created, in beds section press create button

  • Press edit and map your bed

  • Save the changes

Configure a room

Once the room is created you can see multiple options. Some of these options might not be shown to you if you have not installed a Goki SmartLock or Gateway:

  • Beds: list all the beds in a room to automate access.

  • Common area: you can let guests staying in this room have access to specific common area doors.

  • PINs: all the PINs are generated automatically or manually to grant access to the room.

  • Logs: these are the open logs collected from SmartLock using the Gateway or Spaces app.

  • Settings: these are the SmartLock settings, which you can remotely manage if you have Goki Gateways.

Connect rooms and beds to your PMS

Your PMS and Goki are 2 different independent systems. A room or bed in Goki has no connection to your PMS, even if the names are typed identically.

Some PMS integrations have the option to create your rooms automatically and map them for you.

Here are the 3 options to connect rooms/beds from Goki to your PMS:

Option 1 - Import only

This is good when you want to automatically create the same room/bed names in Goki based on what you already have in your PMS but you do not want to connect them from Goki to the PMS (some PMSes may not support this feature).

You may choose this option because you want to install the SmartLocks later and as you install the SmartLocks on a room, you need to connect each room to the PMS manually.

  • Go to Settings > Marketplace > your PMS & click on it

  • Make sure your PMS is connected to Goki

  • Find the option Import Rooms & Beds

  • Choose the Import Only option by clicking on the arrow

  • Wait few minutes while the system is creating the rooms/beds

Don't forget to map the rooms/beds to your PMS manually when you desire by following steps in Option 3 - Manually map.

Option 2 - Import & map

This is good when you want to import the same room/bed structure from your PMS and map them to Goki automatically (some PMSes may not support this feature).

  • Go to Settings > Marketplace > your PMS & click on it

  • Make sure your PMS is connected to Goki

  • Find the option Import Rooms & Beds & click on it

  • Wait few minutes while the system is creating the rooms/bed

Note: From MEWS we import and map only Rooms, Beds, and Dorms not any other type of accommodations.

Option 3 - Manually map

In case the automatic mapping is not working for you, you need to manually connect them by following these steps:

  • Make sure your PMS is connected, on Settings > Marketplace (if it is not, follow this instruction):

  • Go to Rooms.

  • Click on a room to see its details.

  • You should now see an option to map the room to your PMS (If your PMS supports the room mapping).

  • Click on each of the beds you have created in the room, and make sure they are mapped to the PMS as well (if your PMS supports the bed mapping).


If your PMS has only beds (i.e. Cloudbeds), you need to create rooms in Goki without mapping to the PMS. Then create beds in each room and map Goki beds to your PMS beds.

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