Gboard comes with a multi-access feature. You can invite your colleagues and manage what they can see and do on Gboard and Spaces app.

Invite a Staff

You can invite others by:

  • Go to Teams

  • In the input field, type the email address you want to invite

  • If we find a match we suggest them to you

  • Once finished typing press the "Add" button

  • Set the permissions

  • Press the "Send Invitation" button.

  • They will get an email with instructions.

You can always change the permissions after staff members are added.

Permissions and Groups

You can change staff permissions by clicking on their name after they are added. You have 2 options to manage permissions:

  1. Assign permissions individually

  2. Create groups and set permissions on the group and then add staff to it

Creating Groups

  • Go to Groups

  • Type a name in the input field

  • Press the "Create" button

  • Set the permissions you want

  • Under the Members tab, you can search for your teammates and add them to the group.


Members tab will not be enabled unless there is at least one permission set on the newly created group.

Set time shift

By customizing time shifts for each staff member separately, you can limit staff access on Gboard and in Spaces app for different days and hours within a day.

  • Go to Teams

  • In the input field, search the staff member you want to limit the access for

  • Click the staff member and open her/his menu

  • Click the Time Shift button from the left menu

  • Customize time for her/him.

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