Activities are great to create a memorable experience for your guests. Goki will handle all the heavy parts to keep your guests engaged from the moment they make a reservation with you and notify them an hour before the activity starts.


Some properties use this feature to sell tours and tickets.

Once you list all your daily, monthly activities, Goki will promote them to your guests and try to keep them engaged with your property and brand.


Publishing activities are limited to only approved accounts. But you can many drafts to set up your environment.

Creating Activities:

  1. Go to Activities.

  2. Make sure you are on In House tab.

  3. Type a name for your activity in the input.

  4. Press the Create button.

  5. Fill in the form.

  6. Add at least 2-3 high-quality images.

  1. Your changes are saved as a draft so far. In order to publish it to all of your guests press the Publish button.

Recurring Activities

You have below options when creating activities:

  1. Once: Only happen once on the given date.

  2. Weekly: Repeats every week on the given day and time.

  3. Fortnightly: Repeats every fortnight on the given day and time.

  4. Monthly: Repeats every month on the given date and time (for the shorter months which do not have that date, it will skip it).


At the moment it's impossible to create Weekly activities starting from a date in the future.

Free v.s. Paid

You have both options to create Free or Paid activities. Marking the activity as a paid activity is just to inform the traveler what the price is in case they want to attend and have no automatic payment yet.

You need to handle the payment using your own system, cash or you can use Goki payment messaging system.


Guests can always see the activities of your property on their Goki app, but you can hype up the activities and create an awesome atmosphere by utilizing Shoutouts!

Limited Seats

You can let everyone join by setting seats to 0. Or create hype and demands by limiting the numbers. Once you set any number higher than 0. The Goki app will stop guests from attending the activity if the maximum seat is reached.

Export Attendees

Once the activity has current attendees or has already happened once you can Export the Previous or Current attendees data so that you can check guests into the activity and control redemption.


The format of the exported file is .csv. The notorious software Microsoft Excel is a tool you can use to open the file!

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