Goki has built an instant communication system between properties and travelers. Once you send message guests get notifications and it instantly appears in their Messages box in Goki App.


This feature is only available to the trial and approved accounts.

Messages Limitations:

  • You can't send messages to the guests who aren't registered in Goki App.

  • Travelers can have notifications turned off for Chats so they won't get notifications, it will appear only in their Messages box.

  • You can't send messages to the user who has deleted the Goki account.

Send messages to the guests

  1. Open the property's Gboard

  2. Open the Traveler's profile you want to chat with by clicking the full name (Full name won't be clickable if the traveler doesn't have the Goki app)

  3. Type the message in the Conversation box and send it.


You'll get notifications for incoming messages (when it's allowed) and it will show up on the Gboard and in the Spaces App too. You can check them in the Message section from the left bar menu on the Gboard or in Spaces App from the bottom menu.

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