Goki is improving day by day and getting more flexible for you to make your Property work easier. Now it Supports a Late check-out feature, which lets you extend guests' check-out hours from the current check-out time till midnight.


  • Reservation status should be checked-in.

Steps to extend Check-out time

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Find a reservation you want to use a late check-out feature on.

  3. Click on more options on Reservation detail, Profile drawer, and reservation drawer

  4. Find three-dot from the settings and press "Late Check-out"

  5. You will open a modal included a slider, where you can set the wanted check-out time.

  6. After choosing the time, you should press the button "Extend" and the reservation check-out time will be extended.

  7. There is no limitation on extending more than once


  • You can extend the reservation time after the property's check-out time too.

  • With the help of a GokiAir, a 4 digit PIN will be generated but without a GokiAir, a random PIN.

  • You can extend the Check-out time till midnight.

  • After the time is over that PIN won’t work anymore

  • If you extend the check out time again before its time get over, you will get a new PIN (The old PIN will open the lock too till its end time)

  • If via GokiAir guest has 4 digit reservation PIN and check-out extends before property check-out time, no new PIN will be generated with the help of GokiAir and the guest can use the previous PIN.

  • Late check-out time can start from the hostel check-out time which is set in the Settings/ Basic Information, Danger Zone section.

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