If your SmartLock is going green but you don't hear a motor noise, then you have a connection issue.

Step 1: Remove the Disc from the SmartLock

Use the 'removal tool' that comes in the SmartDock box to remove the disc from the lock. Ensure the disc has power & that the battery is properly installed with the yellow dots lining up.

Step 2: Check connector PINs for damage

These 4 PINs connect the disc to the motor. If they are damaged in any way the lock will not function properly.

Step 3: Check the black clips for damage & fix them if necessary

The 'black clips' should all be straight. In the picture above, you will notice one of the clips is bent and is preventing a solid connection with the motor.

Use a screwdriver to pull the clips 4mm towards you & make sure they are straight & symmetrical. This will ensure a much firmer connection with the lock.

Step 4: Place Disc back into SmartLock.

Once the 'Black Clips' are straight, place the disc back into the lock starting with the clip nearest to the 4 PINS. You should hear a clicking noise each time to place the disc into the 4 clips.

After all 4 'clicks' the disc should be solidly in place and you will hear the motor noise again after you enter the Admin PIN.

Each time you change the battery, follow the same process, ensuring that the motor is functioning and the door is opening.

If you have Goki Lock installed, you are trying to open it and the lock screen is getting green, so theoretically it opens, but physically you can not access the room - it means in the Hardware something is not set up correctly.

Still having issues?

  • Reset the Smart Lock (press and hold the button in the back of the lock).


The little button inside the lock should beep when you press it for several seconds to reset the lock.

  • Make sure the spindle is pointed correctly towards the arrows.

  • Check the orange sticker at the back of the lock and point the arrow on the metal circle to the arrow on the sticker ( L - when the lock is on the left side of the door. B- when the lock is on the right side of the door ).

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