GokiAir doesn't see locks

GokiAir can see locks at 10 meters distance according to the structure of the building, and it should be connected to every lock in 3 minutes. If GokiAir doesn't see any locks:

  • Check the device; It should show blue light.

  • If it has a red light, it's not set up or connected to the server, so you will need to disconnect and reconnect GokiAir again.

  • If you have a firewall in your network, you need to make sure it is not blocking saas-gateways-socket.goki.travel:2999 otherwise you will get a timeout error

GokiAir didn't generate the four-digit PIN

If GokiAir didn't generate a four-digit PIN for a reservation:

  • Make sure it doesn't have a red light on it cause it means GokiAir isn't set up or isn't connected to the server.

  • If it has a blue light and still generates a long PIN, GokiAir is busy with another action or lost a connection.

  • You can immediately regenerate a long reservation PIN, and it should generate four digits.

Error code - 69

Error code 69 means the gateway status is unknown. It might happen if the gateway can’t find any WIFI.

  • Make sure that the gateway can access to WIFI

  • Move faulty GokiAir close to a working one, disconnect and set up it again

  • If GokiAir shows Blue light after setting up again, there is some issue with the WIFI itself.

Common Area's PIN isn't in Check-in Email

With GokiAir Reservation and Common area PINs are 4-digit and the same. If common area PIN isn't the same or isn't in Check-in email:

  • Make sure the common area door is connected to any GokiAir

  • Ensure you have a common area linked to the room from the dashboard

  • If the common area door is linked to the room and connected to GokiAir but still doesn't show up the same as reservation PIN or isn't in check-in email, please get in touch with Goki support - support@goki.travel

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