Spaces App comes with the main feature, which is connecting devices to the room. You can create or choose the room and connect it to the lock, which will be on this room door.


  1. Have a room, which you can create from the Gboard or from the Spaces App.

  2. Have Bluetooth on.

  3. Have Location on.

  4. Be close to the SmartLock.

  5. And you need to keep the SmartLocks screen on, by touching it.

Connect a Lock to the Room

Connecting a SmartLock to a room will also automatically change the status on the Gboard, therefore you can check the room is connected to the lock or not & check the battery state from Gboard too.

  • Open Spaces App.

  • Add a room or choose a "not connected" room from the "Room" section.

  • Stay close to the lock and tap on the screen to engage.

  • Select the right type of device you're trying to connect.

  • Press the lock's name with the status "ready". (You may need to reset the lock first)

  • After the connecting process ends press the button "Done".

  • While connecting the lock, an admin PIN will be set automatically or you need to set it.


  • You can change the admin PIN if you need. Please check this article for further information.


  • The Admin PIN opens the door regardless of the state of the room. Therefore, it's not recommended to share this code with anyone.

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