Common Areas are spaces like Front door, Kitchen, Lift, etc. Where most of the Property Guests need to access. You and your Team members can create Common Areas from the Spaces App or Gboard, and you can Connect Common Areas to the Rooms from the Gboard or Space app.


  1. You need to be a staff member.

  2. You need to have access to Spaces App.

  3. Have "Rooms and Common Area doors" permissions.

Create a Common Area

Common Areas are spaces that are accessed by (almost) everyone! You can control and monitor who has access to your common areas. (If you don't remember, here's how!)

  • Open the Spaces App.

  • In "Common" Section Press "+" button.

  • Enter Common Are name.

  • Enter " Floor name" (Optional).

  • Press The Button "CREATE".

  • Your common area will be listed among the NOT CONNECTED rooms on the top of your screen.

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