Permissions are a great way to manage what each team member can see and do on Gboard and Spaces app.

Set staff Permissions

You have 3 options to assign permissions to a staff:

  1. When you are inviting them as explained here.

  2. After they are invited as explained below.

  3. Use Permission Groups.

Change Permissions of a User

After the user is added you can change their permissions by:

  1. Go to Teams

  2. Click on the staff name

  3. On the details screen, you can see all the permissions.

Permission Types & Scenarios

Permission types are explained on the Gboard but here are a few most common permissions use cases:

Check-in staff

Minimum permission suggestion for check-in staff:

  • Guests and travelers (all permissions)

  • Payments (all permissions)

  • Rooms and common area doors:

    • View rooms listing

    • Generate manual PIN for smart lock/disc (optional)


Minimum permission suggestion for cleaners:

  • Rooms and common area doors:

    • View rooms listing

    • View all locks and open them

    • View common area listing

General Managers

Minimum permission suggestion for general managers:

  • All permissions

Tech Team (Installation Team)

Minimum permission suggestion for the technical team:

  • Rooms and common area doors (all permissions)

  • Settings and marketplace (all permissions)

Accounting and Reports

Minimum permission suggestion for accounting:

  • Accounting (all permissions)

  • Data & Reports (all permissions)

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