• This feature is only available for the trial and approved accounts.

  • For Trial accounts: you can only send Shoutouts to white-listed emails.

Shout-out is a great way of one-way communication with the guests. You can let them know any kind of information anytime about your property, what's on, the market, an event, promotions, discounts, activities, etc.

Shout-outs let you target your audience and increase the rate of engagement. You can filter them by check-in time, gender, user room(s) & country.

With the history of the Shout-outs that have been sent, you can see the effects of your marketing efforts. You are able to see all notifications by selecting "Show More".


You can use the Autopilot feature to specify whether your Shoutout is sent by Email, Notification, or Mailchimp e-mail. Learn more about Autopilot here.

Send Shout-outs

  • Open your property's Gboard.

  • Open the Shout-outs section from the left bar menu.

  • Target your audience, type the text you want to send, and click the Shout Out button.

Shout-Out Limitations:

  • Guests with the Goki app installed will receive Shout-outs as notifications.

  • Guests without the Goki app installed will receive Shout-outs as an email. This way, ALL guests will receive the message, even if they are not using their phone to access Goki.

  • Users who turn off notifications from Goki App won't get Shout-Outs.

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