Only trial and approved properties have access to the autopilot feature (On the trial account, only the guests whose emails are added in white-listed will get the Goki emails).


Shout-out is a great way to communicate with the guests. You can let them know of any kind of information anytime about your property, what's on, the market, an event, promotions, discounts, activities, etc. Learn More

You are able to customize the responsible Automation and decide if you want your shoutout to be sent by notifications or emails. Turn the following automation cards on:

  • When Shoutout is Created → Send email "New Shoutout", MailChimp email, and Send a Notification "New Shoutout"


  1. Once this automation is on and you send a Shout-out, the notification will be sent to registered accounts who have the Goki App.

  2. Guests who don't have the Goki app will receive it by email.


  1. Users who Turn Off notifications from Goki App won't get Shout-Outs.

  2. Please take note, this Automation simply enables and ultimately customizes the Shoutout functionality, sending Shoutouts is done manually. See here.

Sentiment Tracking

Increase your overall rating and review by asking guests about their room as soon as they get to their rooms. The sentiment tracking message will be sent 6 hours after check-in.

You can customize this notification. Additionally, a Kanban Card appears on the Gboard as soon as a traveler files a review! Turn the following automation card on to enable Sentiment Tracking:

  • When Sentiment Tracking is Required → Send Notification "Sentiment Tracking", and enter any text to be sent as the notification


"Sentiment Tracking" notification will be sent only to the registered users with the Goki app.


Users who Turn Off notifications from Goki App won't get feedback notifications.

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