Notifications are a good way to speak directly to users. There are created several types of notifications that you can send with Goki to your guests and let them know about check-in, get feedback from them or ask them to extend their stay.

Notification Types:

  • "Reservation detected" Notification

  • PIN generated” notification

  • "Sentiment tracking" notification

  • "Extend Stay" Notification

  • "Shout Out" Notification


You can use the Autopilot feature to customize the way of sending notifications (by Email, Mobile Notification, or Mailchimp e-mail). More about Autopilot here.

  • "Reservation detected" notification will be sent when the reservation is created and detected by Goki & let the guests know about it.

    • You can write the text, e.g.:

      • "Happy to have you in property name"

      • "Thanks for booking hostel_name"

  • PIN generated notification will be sent when the reservation is checked in and the Access is generated and let the guests know about it.

    • You can write the text, e.g.:

      • "Your room "room_name" is ready! Enjoy your stay

  • "Sentiment tracking" notification to get feedback about their stay. It will be sent after 6 hours of check-in with 3 emojis ("bad", "fine", "great") and will help you to track users' feedback.

    • You can write the text, e.g.:

      • "How's your stay?"

      • "Do you enjoy your property name"

      • "Hi user name, How is your room? Is there anything we can help you with?"

    • Note

      • The feedback will show up in chat messages and as a Kanban Card too.

  • "Extend Stay" Notification will ask guests to extend their stays before

    check-out time.

    • Note

      • "Extend Stay" notification will be sent 16 hours before check-out time.

    • Note

      • Once the travelers get a notification they will be able to choose the number of nights.

      • Numbers will be passed through the chat and you can organize payment for them.

      • e.g.

        • Extend your stay! Hi TRAVELER NAME, You are checking out CHECK OUT TIME. Do you like to extend your stay with us?

  • "Shout Out" Notification will be sent to the travelers once you create a shout out. More about Shout-Outs

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