Each property has different needs. Autopilot lets you customize the workflow at your property and give flexibility in terms of communication with guests via emails and notifications and how SmartKeys and PINs are generated.


This feature is only available to the trial and approved accounts.

Automation Functionalities

By default, you have below automation cards which are turned off when you start with Goki. You need to turn on the ones you need to generate a SmartKey or send a specific email:

  1. When a reservation is assigned → Send email "reservation detected" and Send notification" reservation detected"- Learn More

  2. When a Reservation is Checked in → Generate access - Learn More

  3. When Access is Generated → Send email "PIN generated" - Learn More

  4. When Access is Changed → Send "Access Changed" email - Learn More

  5. When Extend Stay is Required → Send an "Extend stay" notification - Learn More

  6. When the Reservation's Date is Changed → Send a "Date Changed" email - Learn More

  7. When Sentiment Tracking is required → Send notification "Sentiment Tracking" - Learn More

  8. When shoutout is created → Send a "New Shoutout" email and notification - Learn More


There's a variety of conditions you can add for each automation.

The idea is for you to be able to customize the Goki experience however you like it! So feel free to play around with the autopilot feature to learn more about it!


  1. Disabling "Generate Access" automation will prevent Goki from generating PINs/SmartKey

  2. For sending a "PIN generated" email, "When Access in Generated → Send email PIN Generated" automation should be on.

Property Scenarios

Here are the most common scenarios you need to enable at Autopilot. First, make sure you are at Settings > Autopilot then follow the below instructions.

1. Generate PIN on Check-ins

Once the reservation is changed to checked-in, generate SmartKey and PIN for the traveller. Turn these cards on:

  • When a reservation is checked in > Generate access

  • When access is changed -> Send "access changed" email

The first automation will create SmartKeys and PINs. The second one will send an email when the PIN is generated or changed.

Additionally, you can use your own Check-in solution or Goki Check-in App to automate the process.

3. Generate Revenue by Extend Stay

Increase your revenue by asking Goki users to extend their stay via the Goki app. Turn these cards on:

  • When extended stay is required -> Send an "extend stay" notification

4. Notify Goki Users of Their Upcoming Trip

Send an email and a notification to Goki's customers if they have a reservation at your property (this will not send a notification to any non-Goki App users). Turn these cards on:

  • When a reservation is assigned -> Send a "reservation detected" email and notification

5. Communicate with Your Guests

You can decide if you want your shoutout sent by notifications or emails. Turn these cards on:

  • When a shoutout is created -> Send a "new shoutout" email and notification

6. Increase your Rating

Increase your overall rating and review by asking guests about their rooms as soon as they get to their rooms. Turn these cards on:

  • When sentiment tracking is required -> Send a notification "sentiment tracking"

Customizing an Automation

You can turn on/off any of the automation cards you see on Autopilot. In addition, you can click on the cards to open them and change their logic. These actions are not recommended for basic users. Make sure you have read the Autopilot documents before changing them.

Trial Account limitations:

  • Only the guests whose emails are added in white-listed will get the Goki emails.

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