This feature is only available to the trial and approved accounts.

Extend the Stay

Increase your revenue by asking Goki users to extend their stay via the Goki app. Once a user receives this notification, Goki asks them how many nights they want to extend their stay for and passes it through chat messages so you can organize the payment as well. The automation responsible for extend stay is:

  • When "Extend stay" is required → Send notification "Extend stay."


Extend stay can only be communicated via notifications.


When you extend the stay, a new PIN/SmartKey is generated for the reservation, which will be sent via email for those extended dates if the automation related to changing access is on.

Date Changes

Goki is able to send extend stay notifications before travelers check out and notify them by email about date changes for confirmed or checked-in reservations.

Any changes you make in dates from PMS or Gboard for any existing reservation will be sent to the guests by the "Reservation is Updated" email.

You can enable this feature using the following Automation combination:

  • When reservation's date is changed → Send Email "Date Changed"


Date changes can be sent only by email.

Conditions and Values for Date Changed Email


There are no conditions and values for Extend Stay notifications while customizing Automation.

  • Segment ID → is/is not.

    • Segment ID is defined in PMS. Segments are able to categorize users by defined rules for them.

    • Once you copy Segment ID from PMS and set the value as "is in"; Goki will send a Date Changed email to those segments reservations.

    • Once you copy Segment ID from PMS and set the value as "is not in"; Goki won't send a Date Changed email to those segments reservations.


Not every PMS supports a Segment ID. Currently, only Mews users can customize their Automation card using Segment ID, other PMSes do not have it.

  • From Date → is equal to/is greater than/is less than/is greater than or equal to/is less than or equal to → Yesterday()/Today()/Tomorrow()/Select Date

    • With this condition and values, you are able to set the dates/periods for those reservations which will receive the Date Changed email.

  • Has Smart Lock → True/False

    • Once you set True value with this condition, Goki will send a Date Changed email only for reservations with rooms which has a lock.

    • Once you set the False value, Goki will send a Date Changed email to those reservations with rooms which has no lock.

Trial Account limitations:

  • Only the guests whose emails are added in white-listed will get the Goki emails.

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