GokiAir let you manage your SmartAccess devices remotely from anywhere while they are connected to the internet. With the help of GokiAir, you can manage your devices remotely without being in close range of the lock.


  1. You can Set Up GokiAir from Spaces App with Bluetooth and Location enabled while connecting.

  2. GokiAir devices use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, communicate with the Goki server, and use Bluetooth to communicate with the lock.

  3. Generally, you need one per corridor or one per smoke alarm.

  4. Goki GokiAir does not have a limitation on lock count.


  • Usually, the GokiAir working distance is 10 meters, which depends on your walls and floors setup.

  • Without a GokiAir, some features are only supported by Spaces App (some of those include: updating Admin Pin, creating/removing 4 Digit PINs, lock settings, adjusting the time, etc.)

Supported Features

While using GokiAir for managing Locks, you will be asked to enable Bluetooth, but you can simply cancel the request, and you will be able to take any actions using GokiAir.

  1. Change the Admin PIN, which is a unique 4 digit PIN for each lock created manually while setting up the lock, so you’ll be able to update it using GokiAir.

  2. Adjust the time for Lock if there was some delay and time is not correct for Lock. Time should always be correct for Lock to function properly.

  3. Manage Pins (More about PIN types)

    1. Add/Remove 4 digit (labeled) PIN via GokiAir.

    2. Remove One-time PIN via GokiAir.

    3. Enable/ Disable Random PIN via GokiAir.

    4. Enable/Disable reservation PIN via GokiAir.

  4. Manage Tags - Add/remove tags using GokiAir. This action works after the Tags are added already in the system by putting them on the lock itself during connecting process.

  5. Open Locks Using GokiAir

    • As a staff with “Rooms and common area doors” permission, you are able to open doors remotely. So you don't have to go downstairs to open the baggage room.

      • To unlock the door, tap on an unlock button in the Space app/ Room details and confirm the remote unlock.

      • It’s no need to try Bluetooth.

      • Make Sure option for "Remote Unlock" through the GokiAir Is enabled from Locks Menu

  6. Shorter PIN for room and Same Room PIN on Common Area

    • Goki is supposed to use logic to generate memorable 4 digit PINs after guests are checked-in. Learn more


  • If no GokiAir were available for a common area, the previous default common area PIN would be used

  • While you are adding a gateway, if it is connected to the other hostel, you can see the hostel name. So, you can ask the Goki admin to remove it.

GokiAir shows this status depends on the time of use:

  • Online: The last connection to the GokiAir was during 1 hour

  • Recently Online: The last connection to the GokiAir was less than 24 hours

  • Idle: The last connection to the GokiAir was more than 1 day and less than 12 days

  • Offline: The last connection to the GokiAir was more than 14 days

  • No lock: Currently, there is no lock connected

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