The spaces App allows you to customize your SmartLock. You can enable and disable many features from there, control some features like keeping the door open for a predefined period, seeing who has accessed the room at what time, etc. You have the below features in the "Options". We have explained each feature in detail:

  1. SmartLock Audit

  2. Passage Mode

  3. Limit Access

  4. Adjust Time

  5. Sound

  6. SmartLock Diagnosis

  7. Private Mode

  8. Disconnect


  • The SmartLock should be connected to the Room/Common Area.

  • You need to have "Rooms and common area doors" permissions.

  • You need to be close to the door with Bluetooth and Location on.

  • You need to engage the SmartLock by touching the SmartLock pad.


All the listed SmartLock features below are accessible through the Spaces App within the options section of the SmartLock devices:

  1. Open the Spaces App and select the required "Room."

  2. Click on the '3 dots located in the top right-hand corner

  3. The "Option" menu will open up different features available for your SmartLock devices

  4. If an option exists in a SmartLock menu, it means SmartLock supports that feature.
    We hide options that are not supported.

SmartLock Audit

You can easily see who has opened a door, via Spaces, at what time, and whether they were using a PIN, SmartLock, or a Goki tag. From there, you can see:

  1. PIN used for opening the SmartLock & at what time it was opened.

  2. If the SmartLock was opened by a guest using their phone.

  3. If the SmartLock was opened by a staff member using the Spaces App.

  4. If a Goki tag opened the SmartLock. (It's shown by the tag name so you'll know which tag was used for the SmartLock).


You can sync the SmartLock audit by using the "sync" button on the top right corner of your screen. 'Syncing' SmartLock audit will only refresh the list if anything is missing.

Passage Mode

With "Passage mode", you can keep the SmartLock open for some time. For example, you can have your front door open during working hours. After the period is finished, the SmartLock will automatically disengage.

You can also tap on the "OPENED" button & it will close the door during Passage Mode.

Please note:

  1. During passage mode, the SmartLock will stay open after the first unlock, no matter by PIN or guest App, or Space App.

  2. When the passage mode is on, SmartLocks with Passage Mode on are labelled with a black box ◙ , and when it's off, the label shows a lighter icon.

  3. The "Open" label on the Space App/SmartLock detail is not live, so it means when we open the SmartLock by the Space App, it shows "opened", & if we reopen the App, it does not show the current state ex "opened."

  4. If the passage mode is enabled, you can see its label in the common area list on the Gboard (If you hover on its label, you can see the hours and days it is set on).


  • You should fill all fields. Otherwise, you will get an error.

  • The SmartLock will not open automatically, the staff needs to open it, then it will remain unlocked.


We don't do automatic adjusting for staff (space), we just show up the warning (fix time), and you need to click on the warning to fix time. However, the Goki App does the adjusting if and only if it fails because of time.

Limit Access

With "Limit Access" you can restrict access to Common Areas that should not be accessed during certain hours with a smart key via Apps.

For example: if you turn on the Limit Access option for a common area door for 7 AM - 9 AM, the SmartLock will not engage during those hours.


  • This feature is optional only for Common Areas, not for the rooms set as Common Areas.

  • Limit Access works only for SmartKey. Common area Shared PINs will work without any limit until you disable them.

  • You do not need to be close to the SmartLock to update this.

Adjust Time

Time is a very important asset for Goki Smart SmartLocks, because of every action: creating PINs, etc. It depends on the time, so if the time is set in a different time zone or behind, you can adjust it.


  • If SmartLock time is behind and no GokiAir is around, the reservation random PIN won't work unless time gets adjusted via the Spaces App. However, the traveller can open the SmartLock via SmartKey.

  • Adjust time is done periodically automatically. Sometimes, you might need to run an adjust time just to be sure!


You can enable Sound for the SmartLock, So while touch-typing the PIN, you can hear Beeping Sound.

SmartLock Diagnosis

SmartLock diagnosis will help you to determine and fix problems that are affecting a Goki SmartLock.

Space App will be able to diagnose SmartLock problems such as:

  1. Check SmartLock status and resolve the problems or tell you what to do.

  2. Check the ownership of the SmartLock if it is already taken mistakenly.

  3. Check SmartLock time and fix it if any problem exists.

  4. Turn your SmartLock screen on & then run SmartLock diagnosis to see how it works.

  5. If you run it for the room SmartLock, you will see who is checked in too & has an issue with their SmartLock then you can fix it.

  6. If you run it for the common area SmartLock, you won't see who has access to this SmartLock, but still, you can fix the issue if there are any.


  • If an issue cannot be resolved, You should send the SmartLock logs to Goki support.


If you want or need to Disconnect the SmartLock from a Room, you can press the "Disconnect" button; Spaces App will ask you again to double-check, and if you press the "Disconnect" button again, and then it will be disconnected.

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