Goki Gateway provides a simple way to manage your property over the internet.

It supports features, which you can check here - Gateway (Overview and Supported features)

To use all those features, first, you need to Set-up Gateway from Spaces App.


Make sure you have Bluetooth and Location enabled while connecting.

Steps to Connect Gateway

  • Open Spaces app choose Gateways from the Settings Menu and click the “+” button or tap on Add Devices from the menu.

  • Turn the Gateway power on.

  • Select your Gateway device from the list & type a name for it.

  • Connect the gateway to WIFI (Choose WIFI from the list or add it manually if it is not listed).

  • Your Gateway is Ready!


  • G2 Gateways - user should disconnect and reconnect the power and it will be ready for setup for a minute.

  • If wifi doesn’t show up:

    • The wifi is hidden (SSID is not broadcasting), still can connect by entering the name manually

    • The wifi is not reachable for the gateway (Is it too far?)

    • The wifi frequency bands are not supported by the gateway, (for example 5G networks are not supported by the gateway, but 2.4G frequency is OK)

Connect Locks to Gateway:

Once the Gateway is connected and ready it will detect nearby locks.

Connected Locks show Online status and they will be listed once you click on the Gateway name.


  • All nearby locks should be detected in a minute automatically.

  • You won't see the Lock's list until you use the Gateway for the particular Lock. After doing any action via Gateway you'll get the list of those Locks.

  • Unlocking the lock or just entering a PIN may cause it to be detected faster as the lock will send logs.

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