Goki is built to automate your processes and repetitive tasks. Automation is a complicated subject. That is what you need to take your time, set it properly and configure it to work the way you want.

Like using any new tools or systems, you may need to adjust your processes in order to become more productive.

Step 1. Your Presence on Goki App

Make sure you have completed your property's profile. We only approve high-quality properties and it will affect your guests' experience and ratings.

  • Go to Settings > Basic Information

  • Enter your information

  • Some fields have a question mark next to them, you can hover to learn more about them.

  • Group: if you have multiple properties, please contact our support and we connect them for you. This is useful as we can suggest your properties to your current guests.

  • Upload at least 3-4 high-quality images. This can improve your presence on the Goki app.


You can only upload .jpg or .png files. Each image should be 1 Mb or less.

Step 2. Customize Your Experience (Optional)

You can change your Gboard experience and to some extent, the guest's experience on the Goki app.

  • Go to Settings > Customization

  • Each item is explained on the page.

  • GDPR Compliance: privacy is important in Goki and for guests to have an option to remove their personal data. If you have GDPR exemptions you can use this feature to delay this for 30 days.

  • Experimental features: if you are eager to use the latest features in Goki, you can turn this option on. And start using beta features before they are officially live.


In case you are a new client and on your dashboard, you see the "Not Approved" or "Trial" tag, your features and functionalities are limited. You need to complete the above steps and contact our sales team to review your profile and listing before we push you "live". More information is available in the Account Types post.

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