Cloudbeds and Goki have been working together for many years and this integration can help you to automate keyless access and more.


This feature is only available to the trial and approved accounts.

Supported Features

  1. Room mapping

  2. Automatic Key generation

  3. Goki Check-in

Connect Cloudbeds to Goki

  • Go to Settings > Marketplace

  • Click on the Enable button on the Cloudbeds card.

  • Click Connect to Cloudbeds button while you are logged in to your Cloudbeds account. (If you are not logged in the system will ask you to fill in credentials)

  • Click Approve button.


On Cloudbeds settings you have below options to customize your experience:

  • Forward check-in details: once it is on, Goki will push the traveler's information to Cloudbeds (if you are using Goki Check-in app).


Cloudbeds store the passed information as a note on the reservation.

1. Room Mapping

For Goki to understand which reservation belongs to which room, you need to map your Goki rooms/beds to Cloudbeds rooms/beds.

Cloudbeds Integration Limitations

Cloudbeds only connect beds as spaces. Therefore in Goki you must create the room first and beds within those rooms. Then you map the Goki beds to Cloudbeds beds.

You can learn how to map beds to Cloudbeds manually here.

2. Automatic Key Generation

Whenever Cloudbeds sends a reservation update that indicates the reservation is checked in, we generate a SmartKey as long as there is a SmartLock on the room.

  • Make sure Cloudbeds and Goki are connected.

  • Make sure your beds are mapped between Goki and Cloudbeds.

  • Now for every reservation created or updated in Clouebeds, you will get a reservation on Goki.

  • When you check the travelers in Cloudbeds, on Gboard you will see a PIN for the reservation (if you have a SmartLock installed on the room otherwise you just see a green tick showing the user is checked in).

Cloudbeds Integration Limitations

Cloudbeds only sends updates to Goki on these events: creating a new reservation, changes on from/to dates, status, booker email, and room.

3. Goki Check-in

You can also use Goki Check-in to automate the check-in process and SmartKey/PIN generation (You can learn about it here).

Cloudbeds Integration Limitations

Goki Check-in app will stop travelers if they have any owing by default. You can change this behavior by using turning off the "PMS Owing Checking" option from Settings > Marketplace > Goki Check-in (this second option can still fail if Cloudbeds cannot check the traveler in due to the room not being ready).

Also, Cloudbeds has a housekeeping module, which is not enabled for all properties and it stops the Goki Check-in app. You need to have this module on your Cloudbeds or turn "PMS Room Status Checking" off to ignore Cloudbeds limitations. Learn more.

Trial Account limitations:

  • On the trial account, only the guests whose emails are added in white-listed will get the Goki emails.

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