1. Create & Connect

Before you can connect a lock to Goki you need to create your rooms & beds on the Goki Dashboard.

Once you have created all of your rooms & beds on the dashboard, you can use the Spaces app to connect each lock to the corresponding Goki room.


It's best to label all of your locks with the room that they will be installed on, connect to Goki & test PRIOR to installing on the door!

2. Test Each Lock

Test each lock using the Spaces app to unlock the lock ensuring the Disc lights up Green & the outer handle opens the latch.

Test each lock using the admin pin to unlock ensuring the Disc lights up Green & the outer handle opens the latch.


If a lock is not working as expected, a hard reset is required. This is done by holding down the reset button on the back of the lock while the disc is inserted in the lock.

3. Install Locks to the Door

Once you are confident the locks are connected & working correctly, it's time to connect the lock to the door.


  • Inside the lock, there is the metal spindle that goes through the mortice. It has 2 arrows that need to be pointing together, Otherwise, the door can not be opened

  • If you type incorrect the PIN by mistake more than 4 times in a row, a little alarm sound will be on and the lock screen will freeze about 4 minutes - after you will be able to insert the PIN again.


  • Do not use a drill to tighten the screws.

  • Always insert screws & hand twists to get started prior to using a screwdriver.

  • Do not insert a pin in the back of the disc to reset.

  • Do not swap discs between locks.

  • Connect Locks & ensure working prior to installing on doors.


Goki SmartLock works with either a 60mm or 70mm Mortice latch, you can learn more & print the templates to mark out your doors here.

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