Using the Reservation section of the Gboard, you can fully control, edit, and manage the reservations on your Gboard. These changes will, however, not affect the data on your PMS. Although, all the reservation changes from PMS will automatically appear on Gboard.

How to Create a Reservation

All staff members can create reservations. Once the reservation is created, your property's autopilot will react accordingly. Creating reservations will not create a duplicated version on your PMS.

  • In the text editor panel, type down the email or name or … of the reservation owner and click on the "Create" button.

  • Fill in the form, and ensure to create a confirmation number or press the "Generate Code Automatically" button and then click on save the reservation.

  • You've now created a reservation! Double-check the information to make sure it's all there!


In the reservation information form, the email address is optional. However, it's not recommended to leave it empty as most of the automation depends on the guest's email.

Accessing the Reservation Drawer

You can see a brief history of a guest's past reservations, their basic info, and detailed changelogs on the current active reservation via reservation drawers. There are a couple of ways to access reservation drawers on the Gboard:

Reservation Drawer on Reservations Menu

  • On the slide menu, select 'Reservations.'

  • Find the reservation you want to know more about!

  • Click the chain icon next to the confirmation code on the list, or click on the 3dot icon on the reservation details page and then click on View Reservation.

  • Ta-da! Here's the reservation drawer!

Reservation Drawer via Search

  • On the slide menu, select 'Search.'

  • Search for a reservation using a confirmation code, traveler name, or email address.

  • Under 'Reservations" click on the confirmation code of the reservation, you are looking for.

  • You just found the reservation drawer!


  • Changelogs are updated live in real-time.

  • If the reservation is created on the PMS, to get the latest updates, you can click on the 3dot icon by hovering on the search card/Pull From PMS, Although Goki tries to do it automatically.


Changelog on reservation drawers is the best way of tracking down the automated emails, to see if they've been sent or not!


Wherever you see the chain icon on the Gboard, it'll direct you to the reservation drawer of the corresponding reservation!

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