There are two different profiles for non-registered and registered users on Gboard.

Registered users

When the users download Goki App, creates a profile, and confirm, it shows up on Gboard and you can check the personal information, manage reservations, or send the message to them by clicking guests full name after searching them via email, name, reservation number or just by filtering.


Only team members with "Guests and Travelers" permissions will be able to open Guests Profiles.


There are some sections when you open guests profile

  1. Guest information (Name, city, country, email, gender, birth date, device & Bio)

  2. Guest interests

  3. Reservations

  4. Payment Requests

  5. Conversations


Shows information related to the reservations:

  • The guests who have the Goki app & claimed the reservation.

  • You are able to remove the main guest if you want.

  • Reservation number & more info.

  • Assigned room & if you hover on it you will see the PIN.


By clicking on the icon on the left side of the reservation number you have access to the Reservation Drawer.

By clicking on the 3-dot icon on the top left of the card by hovering on the card, you will access these options:

  • Resend PIN email in case there was some delay in receiving it or you want to send that reservation's PIN to a different email.

    • Click on Resend PIN to be able to enter different emails.

    • Note: The room should have a lock & a PIN is generated.

  • Regenerate PIN manually in the case in case pin does not work or it wasn't generated by Goki automatically.

  • Regenerate Ekey for the guest to be able to open the door via Goki App in case there was a problem with the lock and doesn't show up or it wasn't generated automatically.

    • Note: The room should have a lock.

  • Freeze Ekey for the guests to limit their access to the room by using Goki App.

  • Check-in info to see check-in information in case guests used Check-in App or touchless check-in. All info about guests will be listed there which you have already customized for the self-check-in process. More information.

Conversations (Communicate with the Guests)

In this section of the guest profile, you can communicate with your guests, and also do various communication-based stuff. For example:

  1. Send messages to the guests who have already created their profiles in Goki app.

  2. Receive messages from the guests with created profiles.

  3. Request a payment,

  4. Receive updates on stay extension and guest sentiment.

Extend Stay

  • Goki sends notifications to the guest in Goki App so they are able to request an extension of the stay which will be sent via chat in the conversation box of travelers' profiles. Once the request is sent you will be able to change their reservation dates and let them know about it.

Request a payment

  • Request payment by creating it with a description and amount for any kind of service which is used by the guest.

  • It will be sent to the guests via chat and they will be able to pay using Goki App.

  • Payment requests will be received via chat in Travelers Profiles too & they are able to pay it.


Request a payment feature is available only for those properties that have "Experimental Features" enabled.

You will be able to send payment requests only to registered accounts in Goki App.

Non-registered Users

If the guests don't sign up in Goki App you won't be able to open their profiles.


You can only search & see their reservation card while searching them via email, name, reservation number, or just by filtering.

So Regenerate PIN manually & Pull the reservation from PMS (Cloudbeds, MEWS) by clicking the button next to the confirmation number is available via search card.

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