Ideally, people can easily remember the last four digits. So, Goki tries to generate a shorter (4digit) reservation PIN when SmartLock has access to the GokiAir.


  1. Make sure the GokiAir is on.

  2. Those autopilots need to be enabled:

    1. When a Reservation is Checked in → Generate access - Learn More

    2. When Access is, Generated → Send email "PIN generated" - Learn More

    3. When Access is Changed → Send "Access Changed" email - Learn More


  • In all cases, if the GokiAir isn't available, long random PINs will be generated.

    • Showing "idle" status doesn't mean that the GokiAir is active/online, it shows the last connection between GokiAir and SmartLock.

    • So, check the GokiAir is online and active if the short PIN is not generated

  • In case the guest doesn't have any other active reservation, we use their previous PIN for that Goki account in their next reservation (except for group reservations).

  • When reservation start and end date update, Goki always tries to update the existing short PIN instead of regenerating a new PIN. (No new PIN will be generated)

  • Short PINs are unique per owner (traveler or staff) on the whole property.

  • Consider that Goki SmartLocks can save up to 150 custom PINs.


  • Goki generates 4-digit PINs that are memorable, easy for the guest to use, and completely random. Due to security concerns, we do not support the random PIN generation of low-security PINs, such as 1111 or 1234.

  • If you have Common Area, guests can use the same Room PIN on it via GokiAir.

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