Reservation Detected Email/Notification

Once the reservation is assigned to a Goki traveler, Goki is able to send a "Reservation Detected" email and notification to the booker.

The email contains a summary of the reservation's information including the confirmation number, booker's name, and more


  1. This feature is only available to the trial and approved accounts.

  2. You need to have the corresponding Autopilot permissions to access this section.

You can customize this automation using the following condition + function combo:

  • When a reservation is assigned → Send email and notification "reservation detected"

Conditions and Values

  • Segment ID → is/is not

    • Segment ID is defined in PMS. Segments are able to categorize users by defined rules for them.

    • Once you copy Segment ID from PMS and set value IS Goki will send a Reservation Detected email to those segments reservations.

    • Once you copy Segment ID from PMS and set value IS NOT Goki won't send a Reservation Detected email to those segments reservations


Not every PMS supports a Segment ID. Currently, only Mews users can customize their Automation card using Segment ID, other PMSes do not have it.

  • From Date → is equal to/is greater than/is less than/is greater than or equal to/is less than or equal to → Yesterday()/Today()/Tomorrow()/Select Date

    • With this condition and values, you are able to set the dates/periods for those reservations which will receive the Reservation Detected/PIN email.

  • Has Smart Lock → True/False

    • Once you set True value with this condition Goki will send a Send email and notification after the reservation is created & Goki detect it, if the assigned room has a lock.


  • "Reservation Detected" notification will be sent only to the registered users with the Goki app.

  • The booking number, check-in and check-out date, room name, and the number of guests will be shown in the "reservation detected" email.


  1. Once the travelers get the Reservation Detected Email, if the Check-in is enabled on the property they can click the "Check-in Now" button and go through the pre-check-in Process. Learn more about Goki Pre-Check-in from here.

  2. Travelers will be able to redirect to the download link of the Goki app by clicking the "Claim the Booking" button in the Reservation Detected email, if they don't have the app.

  3. And, once they create and confirm Goki's profile they will be able to claim the booking from the Goki app so that after check-in, SmartKey will be generated for them if generated access automation is on and the room has a lock.


  • Unapproved properties can't use Autopilot features.

  • On the trial account, only the guests whose emails are added in white-listed will get the Goki emails.

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