In addition to the Spaces app, Gboard also gives you the ability to manage PINs, create PINs, as well as disabling/enabling them. The majority of these, including creating 4-digit PINs, disabling/enabling PINs, and managing reservation PINs can only be done if you have an active Gateway device for the room.


Learn more about Goki Gateways here.

PIN Types

Each property has different needs and Goki offers you different PINs, to have a solution in case of specific situations. We have Reservation PIN and 4 Other PIN Types in Goki and you can generate/regenerate/disable/remove them from the G-board with Gateway & in cases without it.

Once you go to each room's settings under the PINs title there are 2 sections for Current Guest's PINs and Other PINs.

You can do all these actions from the Space app too. Learn more.


  • You Should have "Rooms and common area doors" permissions.

Current Guest's PINs

All reservations PINs will be listed in the Current Guests PINs section and when you hover on each PIN row, you will be able to regenerate those PINs from the 3 dot option next to it if they are don't work.


  • Once you have a Gateway connected you are able to enable/disable (give/limit access) reservation PIN for the guests.

  • If the room has lock, you have access to guest PIN via search card, guest profile or reservation drawer too (You can Pull from PMS for getting any update manually although Goki will do it automatically)


Goki is supposed to use a logic to generate memorable, the logic generates completely random digits & share it with guests after they checked-in.

  • Short PINs length is 4 digits, and you can find them on search card on the Gboard too.

  • Goki always try to update the existing short PIN instead of regenerating a new PIN.

  • When we have a short PIN and we have access to the gateway, any update (in the reservation start and end dates) will be applied to the existing PIN (No new PIN should be generated)

  • When the gateway is off, a random PIN will be generated.

  • When the user has account in Goki, we use user's previous pin (except for group reservations).

Other PINs

All different PINs you can create/disable/enable/ remotely from the Other PINs section for each room. Learn more about PIN types.

One-Time PIN (OTP)

You can generate a One-Time PIN from the Gboard in case of specific situations, when the user is checked out or when they want to change rooms and need to get back to their old room to take their stuff for instance, etc.


  • You Should have "Rooms and common area doors" permissions.

  • OTPs can be generated remotely, but they can be removed or disabled from there only with the help of Gateway.


  • One Time PIN is valid for 6 hours.

  • One Time PIN works only once, if you try for the second time It will not work.

  • While creating OTP you can not choose past time and date.

4 Digit PIN

You can generate a 4 Digit PIN from the Gboard only if the lock is connected to Gateway.
Also, it has an option to share in check-in. You can define it by yourself, you have an opportunity to select any "4 Digit PIN" you want and set the dates.


  • Once you have the Gateway connected, you are able to generate/delete 4 Digit PINs.

Random PIN

You can Generate a Random PIN from the Gboard in case of specific situations like when someone except guest needs to use this room for some reason and for some time.

The difference between Random PIN and 4 digit PIN is that Goki generates Random PIN by itself and you can not define it, Random PIN is longer than 4 Digit PIN, and you can generate it remotely.


  • Once you have the Gateway connected you are able to enable/disable Random PIN.

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