Common Areas are spaces that are accessible by (almost) every guest.

You are able to add your common areas (Front door, Kitchen, Lift, etc.) via Gboard or Space app.

You can control and monitor who has access to your common areas. (If you don't remember, here's how!)


  1. You need to have "Rooms and Common Area doors" permissions.

Create a Common Area

  • Go to Spaces > Common Areas.

  • Type the common area name you want to create in the input.

  • Press the create button.

Supported Features:

  • Filter or sort among the list

  • Generate keys/PINs (Learn more about PIN type)

  • Adjust the lock time (Available when a Gateway Device is connected)

  • Admin pin (Available when a Gateway Device is connected)

  • Logs

  • Limit Access (Learn more)

  • Passage Mode (Only it's shown when it's added via Space app - Learn more)

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