Autopilot lets you customize the workflow at your property, how SmartKeys and PINs are generated and automate communications with the guests.


  1. Only trial and approved properties can use Autopilot.

  2. On the trial account, you need to white-listed the email addresses.

Learn the Basics

There are few automations which we have created by default and you can create more if you are on the right paid plan.

Once an automation is created you need to make sure they are turned on in order to work.

Automation has 4 parts:

  • Trigger

  • Condition(s)

  • Action(s)


There are 2 types of triggers:

  • periodic: repeating a task every day, week or month (i.e. At 10:30 am, every day on Reservations).

  • event: when something happens in the system (i.e. reservation is checked-in).


Based on the entity which has triggered the automation, you have the different condition(s) to limit the actions. (i.e. At 10:30 am, every day on Reservations, From date is equal to Today)

You can have multiple conditions and need to make sure the conditions are not having contradictions.


Based on the trigger and your integrated Marketplace apps, you may have 1 or multiple actions such as emails, notifications and more. (i.e. At 10:30 am, every day on Reservations, From date is equal to Today, Send Mailchimp email, welcome to the property.)


  • There's a variety of conditions you can add for each automation.

  • The idea is for you to be able to customize the Goki experience however you like it! So feel free to play around with the autopilot feature to learn more about it!


  • You can have up to 10 Automation cards.


Only users with permission can access autopilot.

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