Create Rooms and Beds

When you create a property on Goki, you will need to set up your rooms and beds. This setup with PMS connection and Goki SmartLocks will automate granting access to the rooms. Here is an article on how to create and map rooms from Gboard.

Once you create rooms you are able to manage, filter, or sort them:

  • Filter

    • Lock Status (No Lock, Has Lock)

    • PMS (No PMS - if it's not connected to PMS)

    • Battery Status (when it has a Low Battery)

  • Sort

    • You can sort rooms as convenient for you by ascending or descending orders:

      • Alphabetical

      • Creation time

      • The order which you mention for each room separately

      • Floor.

Rooms Settings

You can manage each room's settings separately:

1. Floor (Optional)

You can add the floor number for each room. It will help you to sort rooms by floor.

2. Ordering (Optional)

You can set the value manually and order room however you want. It will help you to sort rooms by order.

3. Beds (Optional)

If you are selling multiple beds in one room you are able to add those beds for each room, name them and map them to the PMS. Learn More.


Each bed in one room should be added under that rooms' settings and be mapped to the PMS separately.

4. Common area

Once you create common areas from the Gboard or Spaces App, they should be marked separately for each room so the guests staying in this room can access these common area locks.


  • Marked common areas will be shown in the guest's Goki app if they are connected to the lock and they will be able to open the door.

  • The room can be set as a common area (when there is another room in the main room), and you can set 4 digit PINs & shared them with the guests who are checked-in in that room.

  • In the PIN email, once guests are checked in and related automation is on, the guests will also receive the Common Area PIN as well as their room PIN. So the guests will be able to open the door by PIN. Take note, Common Area PINs are shared, meaning each guest uses the same PIN for a Common Area.

5. PINs


Available for the rooms that are connected to a lock.

  • Current Guests PINS

    • All reservations PINs will be listed in the Current Guests PINs section.

    • You will be able to regenerate those PINs from the 3-dot option next to it if they are expired/don't work.

    • You can disable/enable Current Guests PIN remotely (once you have the Gateway connected & it's online)

  • Other PINs

    • You can create Random PIN, One-time PIN, and 4 Digit PIN ( 4digit PIN only once you have the Gateway connected)

    • Disable/enable Random PIN (once you have the Gateway connected & it's online)

    • Remove 4digit PIN (once you have the Gateway connected & it's online)

    • Learn more about PIN types.

      4 digit PIN can be created remotely only via Gateway. Random PIN and One Time PIN can be created without it.

      Once you have the Gateway connected you are able to enable/disable Random PIN.

      Once you have the Gateway connected you are able to delete 4 Digit or One Time PIN.


  • You can only disable/enable current guest PIN and Random PIN.

  • You are able to re-generate only the Current guest PIN.

  • You can only remove One time PIN and 4 digit PIN.

6. Logs

Each guest/staff action who opened the room should be shown in the Logs section from every room's settings with the user/traveler name, dates (when it was opened), and how it was opened (with PIN or APP).

Room as a common area

You are able to use a room as a common area by "setting it as a common area" from the 3 dots option in the room's settings.


When you set the room as a common area, it will be listed in the common area section if it has a lock, and will have all features which have any other common area door. (You will be able to create 4 digit PIN for it and share with the guests, mark it as a common area for other rooms)

Delete Room

You are able to remove the room from Gboard by clicking "Delete" from the 3 dots option in the room's settings.


When you delete the room from Gboard it will be removed from the Spaces App too and if the lock was connected to it connection will be lost & all pins will be removed & does not work, so you will be able to connect that lock to another room

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