Once you're logged in to your Gboard you see your to-do board in the middle. This board will show all the tasks you and your team need to take action and it is called Kanban. And on the right side of the page, you have a menu to navigate to different parts of the Gboard.


Kanban board is listing all the tasks you and your team need to do. Some of these tasks are system generated. You and your teammates can create tasks and assign them to each other. You can learn more about Kanban in its section.


You have the below options in the menu. We have explained each option in detail in their own posts.


Based on your access level, some of the menu items might not be visible to you.

  • Property Name: you can switch between multiple properties if you have more than one.

  • Search: find guests and reservations on Goki

  • Kanban: manage tasks between teammates.

  • Messages: communicate with your guests who have downloaded the Goki app.

  • Shout-out: send an announcement to your guests via notifications and emails.

  • Activities: manage your property events and activities (we promote them to your guests via the Goki app)

  • Reservations: if you do not have a PMS, you can use this feature to manage reservations.

  • Rooms: manage rooms & bed configuration (with the Spaces app, you can add SmartLocks and that will provide you tones of features).

  • Teams: manage your team and permissions.

  • Accounting: manage your account, transactions, and your subscription

  • Settings: change your properties profile, T&C, privacy, automation, connect to other systems, and more.

  • Help: a quick help toggle feature to teach you a feature on the dashboard and link to support.goki.travel.

  • Status: indicating if you are not approved, or on trial (On the trial account, only the guests whose emails are added in white-listed will get the Goki emails.)

  • Your Profile: manage your personal profile and security settings.

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